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I'm sure these have probably mostly made the rounds, but because I am SO without cable and because I work like a slave and sleep in the creases, I've just peeped them out. Now, there's buzz for decades about the soon-to-be rebooted Heroes and Powerpuff Girls franchisees. Don't let that get you down, I suppose we need to learn to embrace because re-boots seem to be the word of the hour on quite a bit of media being released in the last half of this year. I tried to skirt a lot of it, but some things a girl just can't not take note of. I don't see any reason to dwell on the things that I'm not interested in, so here's a peek at a few of the things that look good for the fall!

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Is this thing on?! Anybody still out there?!

I am ALIVE! Yes, sad sometimes, but here.

Things are going well in this new life model of mine, at least I think it is. Car is dying, the extra boarder is on the crazy side, but there's a lock on my door and I'm easing back into the gym. That is all fine! I also drive an hour to work and an hour home. That is less than fine.

Now, among the really important things to know:

I'm applying to teach abroad come August. Yeah, I know, teaching English abroad is for the young kids! Well, you know what?! I am young-ish. Also, I am single and childless. My career options are terrible and I LOVE being in the classroom, so why the hell not?! I am also not going to drop another couple of thousands to get a teaching credential. And I LOVE to travel and live in the World. Now, it may turn out that I hate it, but I've got to give it a go. I'm signing up for TEFL classes next month. The actual class-class start in July. I scared and excited, too.


Eva Green has never been an actress that I thought much about. However, she is possibly the best reason to be watching Penny Dreadful. She's absolutely delicious!!

Oh, and have you read my book yet?! I need some reviews! I'm willing to send free copies. Let me know, will ya?! Help a sistah out!
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I forgot, amongst everything else, how devastating Claudia Black played Aeryn Sun in The Choice. In the quiet corners of the episode, watching Aeryn grieve is pretty painful to watch.
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First of all, this show is on NBC. The liklihood that I will continue to watch it is slim-to-none. I don't generally watch NBC or CBS. It's nothing personal, I just don't really think about those channels. Of course, this season has James Spader on The Black List and Sean Hayes in Sean Takes Over the World, so, hope springs eternal.

This Dracula, reminiscent in pretty much the most cosmetic of ways to the 1992 Gary Oldman/Francis Ford Coppola film, is a slick, vaguely steampunk-ish take on the Dracula mythology. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Alexander Grayson. Dracula in an American disguise and bent on revenge for ... well, a lot of things, not the least of which is the murder of his wife by a secret vampire hunting organization a whole lot of years ago. Jessica De Gouw plays Mina Murray who also happens to be the spitting image, likely a reincarnation of, his dead wife.

Oh, and did I mention that Dracula is ably assisted by Thomas Kretschmann (who I always remember as Captain Englehorn from the 2005 King Kong remake) as, in quite the twist, Van Hesling. Dracula has a Renfield, a black man, and I don't particularly care for that pairing. Set in 1895, 30 years or so after the American Civil War, it's a distasteful adaptation. Literally and traditionally, Renfield is Dracula's insane and/or enthralled slave. In this version, the character doesn't appear to be mad, but he is enslaved by literary tradition and the historical fact. "Freedom" (such as it was) is problematic and doubly denied the character.

Myers, whom I love, has a questionable American accent that slides in and out.

And then there was the sex and the roof top scene. Okay, so I was all prepared for a historical drama and then the show went all Matrix meets The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

If nothing else it was a fun trip into cuckoo crazy.
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Andrew Lincoln, how I love you, let me count the ways. Broken Rick crying for Lori just about pretty much totally broke my itty bitty heart. It's shattered right now. In pieces. I am ... I am ... devastated. Plus big, brave, strong men breaking? How is that SO MY KINK?!? Like, RIGHT THERE!

So, yeah. Thanks, Walking Dead. That was some fucked up shit.
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Ok, so, I kinda don't see the point. The original version is awesome and so far this version doesn't do anything extraordinary with the premise or the characters. Except for Meaghan Rath as Sally (nee Annie), the actors are serviceable in their parts and not especially relevatory. Meaghan Rath, however, and despite her unnecessary name change, is pretty awesome. I might just like her better than Lenora Crichlow.
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So, I don't know. How about you FList? I'll admit that I was less than enraptured, although Keith David and Summer Glau ... Still. Not loving The Cape. Kinda blinked and felt like I missed a lot of The Cape, even in those cases where I really was paying attention.

Or maybe I wasn't.

Cause, yeah ...
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I still like how the show depicts types of mothers. I still like how the females characters are in possession of the most power and agency. They manipulate the storyline. The men emote. The women kick ass and take over the world. As it should be.

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SO, what did I watch?

Haven't a clue. Usually this list is dedicated to movies, but I feel like I didn't watch anything except kdramas last year. That could be true, I streamed loads and loads, and spent zero time at either the theater or Blockbuster. American TV was also slim pickings. There just wasn't much that piqued my interest. I started Being Human, however, but kept forgetting when it was on, and so didn't stick with it. What I saw, I really liked, however. I know that at some point I tried out Caprica and Primeval, although I can't remember when either were on. I guess I really was too busy streaming kdramas. Anyway, the media that I consumed in 2010 ...

Avatar 3D
Afro Samurai
Shrek Forever After
Iron Man 2
The Karate Kid
Changing Partners
District 9
500 Days of Summer

Kdramas (completed):
Boys Over Flowers
My Sweet Seoul
Will it Snow for Christmas
A Love That Kills
Playful Kiss
Personal Taste
Stars Falling from the Sky
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Coffee House
My Name is Kim Sam Soon

I started and ditched:
Definitely Neighbors
I am Legend
Prosecutor Princess
Smile, Honey

TV (just because):
Walking Dead
Life Unexpected
True Blood
Modern Famiy
Cougar Town

Wow, how anti-climatic ...
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Happy Solstice! It's the longest, and apparently the wettest night of the year.

So, you know how you think that things are going to work out, and then they don't? Yeah, My Sweet Seoul turned out to be one of those things. All signs pointed towards the yes, but sadly it was kinda a no.

It started well enough, despite the melodrama tag that should have warned me of rough times ahead. Remember the last time I went down the melodrama road? Things Did Not End Well. Unfortunately, the melodrama tag isn't necessarily representative of a drama. Stars Falling from the Sky was considered a melodrama, and there were plenty of the angsty, dramatic moments of direness, but mostly it was upbeat. It was also very enjoyable. My Sweet Seoul wasn't tragic like A Love That Kills, but it wasn't quite as upbeat and harmless as Stars Falling from the Sky.

My Sweet Seoul is the story of how Oh Eun Soo, an old maid at the ripe old age of 31, grows up, finds love, and gets her life together. Ji Hyun Woo plays the adorably enthusiastic, Yoon Tae Oh, a film student seven years her junior, who she falls for quite by accident. Mr. Voice, Kee Sun Gyun plays the older, emotionally strained Kim Young Soo. It's not a traditional love triangle, there's never any real competition between the guys for Eun Soo's affections. The drama overlays their relationships, and there are moments where both Young Soo and Tae Oh are in love with Eun Soo, but the drama compartmentalizes the attractions and keeps them pretty separated on Eun Soo's side. Also, unlike standard kdrama tropes, both male leads are ridiculously likable. I was curious as I watched to see who she was going to actually end up with in the end. It could have very easily gone either way.

The film is very modern and falls in with the trendier style of kdramas, but it's not as slick. The drama is very beautifully shot, very indie and reminded me in ways of the cinematography of A Love to Kill. What's more, Eun Soo's soul mate BFF is played by the aforementioned drama's Kim Young Jae. Their relationship was an interesting one, and gets reflected in an unlikely place. My Sweet Seoul presents phases of relationships and of love, ones that work out, ones that don't, love that fades, love that's destructive, platonic love, romantic love, and love that never really was. I liked how to travels across this spectrum, although there were places were the relationships were abrupt and somewhat unformed. Ha Jane, one of Eun Soo's best friends, gets married early on and it is very obvious that their relationship is destined to fail, if for no other reason than that it is lined up against Eun Soo's parents marriage is definitely at its end, and from the looks of it, has been in its death knells for a while.

The representation of female relationships was also something that I liked quite a lot in this drama. The three BFF's (Eun Soo, Jane, and Yoo Hee of the tragic past)spend a day at the beach bonding. In one of my favorite scenes in the drama they start hurling insults about themselves and their failures at the ocean. Ha Jane starts it off by yelling at the ocean about how pathetic she is; she has just agreed to a divorce after only a few months. Yoo Hee steps up and yells out that she loves Ha Jane. Then Yoo Hee yells out her own shortcomings. Eun Soo steps in after her and yells that she loves Nam Yoo Hee. Then, of course, it's her turn, to which her two best friends shout their love for Eun Soo. I LOVED the affirmation between friends that no matter their flaws, no matter their troubles with men and work, their own selfishness, and immaturity, they love each other just as they are.

Unfortunately, there are not alot of moments like that. This drama is very intimate, focusing on quiet and introspective moments. It works very well at the beginning, but over time the narrative structure begins to drag. I also stopped caring a whole hell of a lot. I did manage to make it through 12 episodes before I completely checked out. I skipped to the final (16th) episode just to see how it all ended. And that was weird. Mom left her husband and opened a lunchbox shop, Eun Soo who quit her job back in episode 10 (or 11) started her own company, got engaged to and then broke up with Young Soo who turned out to have a big, dark secret. It might have been the eleventh hour revelation of that secret that did me in. We kept getting hints that all was not kosher with Young Soo, but the drama focused so much on Eun Soo and her girls, or Eun Soo and Tae Oh that trying to fold in Young Soo just felt uneven. The plot revolving around Eun Soo's parents was also rather disjointed, floating in and out of focus so that sometimes I wondered if they were going to resolve the plot or just leave it as a loose thread.

So, not sure how I feel about the drama. Entertaining at times, but it didn't live up to its own ambition.
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Seriously, Drama? Sixteen episodes of love and devotion, angst and tears, and this is the finale that you give me? Seriously? I may very, very, very well never watch another melodrama again.


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Although not everyone does, I like the way that Glee re-purposes songs.
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Hello Melodrama, so very nice to see you. I've been drowning in cutsy, moderately angsty rom-com, it's about time someone showed up to bring da Noise and da Funk the Real Drama.

A Love to Kill is a 2005 kdrama starring Bi(Rain) and Shin Min Ah (adorably and most recently of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho). In an attempt not to be spoiled, something kdramas are good at doing right there in the series synopsis, I haven't done too much reading up. What I do know is that the very sexy Bi(Rain) plays K-1 fighter Kang Bok Gu, a man out for revenge. Shin Min Ah plays Cha Eun Seok, an actress nursing a broken heart. Her honey, further down the food chain then she is, has gone MIA. He's moved from his house and won't return her calls. Poor Cha Eun Seok is pretty heartbroken about it all and has turned to tipping the bottle back a little too often. Which leads her into troubles of another kind. The wrong time, wrong place kind of troubles that land our mess of a heroine in the midst of a sex scandal and the announcement of her engagement that, I suspect, is meant to resolve it.

Unlike the more recent rom-com's that I've been watching, A Love to Kill is missing that shiny, slick, primary color-ish feel. The filming is full of tricky camera angles, wide street shots, and artistic cut-aways. The color palette is decidedly washed out, dulled and interspersed with gritty black and white shots that I haven't yet figured out the code for. Initially, I thought they were meant to represent memories, but maybe not so much. They seem to kind of show up to enhance what I can only assume is the overall artsy fartsy vibe. That's not to say that I don't really like it or that I'm not impressed because ... yeah. That closing sequence? Pretty much killer.

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Playful Kiss (or Mischievous Kiss) is the Korean version of Itazura na Kiss, a Japanese manga that was also adapted into a Jdrama back in 1996. With only a nine episode broadcast schedule, I can only assume that Itzaura na Kiss was a kinder, gentler, far less annoying trip down the drama rom-com road. Of course, until I sit down with Itzaura na Kiss I shall never know.

All that said, Playful Kiss was strangely entertaining. It lacked the cracktastic awesomeness of Boys Over Flowers, but I was invested just enough to make it through all sixteen episodes. On some days, I think I should have gotten a medal.

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Although we don't know the agenda of the V outside of Lisa's sooper-secret destiny, apparently with Tyler, the lines have been drawn in the sand and we're officially at war. The last episode introduced the Fifth Column, although we still don't know who John May is. The show is still frustrating at this point because there are hints of Big Things to Come, but who knows what those things are outside of the massive fleet of V ships headed towards Earth. There's also this unwieldy attempt to personalize the impetus for the members of the Resistance that isn't working. Erica's attachment to Tyler channels Mike Donovan's attachment to his son, Sean. Unfortunately, Sean was a fresh faced kid who gets snatched by the nasty Visitors and stored along with the other food on a mothership. Tyler is a blind, too-naive-for-his-age and annoying punk kid who very willingly walks into the jaws of the lion. Considering he's the kid of an FBI agent, I am stunned by his complete lack of common sense.

What I did find interesting in this episode and the previous one are the predatory females and monstrous mothers all over my TV screen.

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I'm glad that I gave this one a second shot. Although The Deep End still isn't the most riveting drama, it might get a little more interesting. Failing that, at least its full of the pretty.

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