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In 2004 I read Caitlin R. Kiernan's Murder of Angels. I loved it. I loved it so much that I went and found all the other books that she had written and requested them at my local library. When they arrived, I checked them out and took them home; there were five books in all.

I remember sitting on my bedroom floor with my treasure. I was so excited that I couldn't decide where to start. I stacked them up. I looked at them. Quite at random, I picked up Low Red Moon. I opened it and read the first chapter, maybe five pages in all. I closed it and opened up Silk. Maybe I read the first three pages. I then proceeded to bundle the whole lot of books back into my backpack and return them unread to the library.

As a writer, I understand what it means to appreciate the subtle nuances of a finely crafted plot. I also understand what it is to appreciate the skill of execution with which an author tells a story. Caitlin Kiernan forced me to look beyond appreciation inspired a feeling of such intense jealousy that I could not read her books. I wanted to be the one who had written them. I wanted those words to be mine. It was a difficult, humbling (for a moment humiliating) moment to realize the limitations of my skill. How on Earth could I ever write again?

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Much better than I could have hoped for, but not as great as I would have liked, The Hunger Games movie was a solid re-interpretation of Suzanne Collins's book. The movie is pared down, stripped, and the message hamstrung by its PG-13 rating so that the heart of the story is diminished; however, there a lot of things that the movie gets right.

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First, the most important question: Who'll be writing me that Normal Again/Sucker Punch crossover fic? Bonus points for incorporating Faith.

Overall, the movie was what I expected it to be, and it did what I expected it to do. Sucker Punch is an odd sort of zoetrope, psuedo-steampunk fantasy. I mostly enjoyed it. Robots, dragons, machine gun wielding samurai and hot chicks with swords, really what's not to love? Unfortunately, surprisingly, there are some things. It's amazing how Zack Snyder managed to make all that kinda boring.
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The first Twilight movie at least had the lulz. It was bad, but just ridiculous enough to be fun. I mean Charlie was all hilarity all the time. Unfortunately, New Moon did not live up to its predecessor. New Moon was bad AND boring. It was all angsty mumbling and emo voiceovers. Until Michael Sheen showed up, that is. The five minutes he spent on screen were pretty much the best part of the movie. I wish that I could say his five minutes were worth the whole movie, but that would be all kinds of lying. Dakota Fanning was kinda awesome, too. So, like, six minutes of awesome.

It is sad, but true, watching Twilight makes me forget that I actually like Kristen Stewart. Granted, she doesn't have a lot of range, but she's a good actress. Adventureland, The Cake Eaters, In the Land of Women, Panic Room are all great examples of her being a good actress. Too bad Twilight sucks so hard that I forget. Rob Pattinson might be a good actor, too. I don't know. I liked him in Remember Me, despite the rest of the movie. But there's not much to go on. More evidence is required.

So, yeah ... Twilight: New Moon ... not so much.


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