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A fascinating article on Fandom Community, Fandom in/as Contact Zone, that I'm a little unsure what to do with. It's a great discussion about fandom community and I think the set-up is LJ vs Tumblr. Granted, by the time Tumblr really became a thing, I had disengaged from fandom due to time restraints. I visit LJ inconsistently these days and I see the activity is largely gone, transferred to some degree over to Tumblr. My challenge with Tumblr is the format. It's difficult to manage and follow conversation, so I use and visit Tumblr mostly for the purpose of perusing the pretty. Or I did, until suddenly, there's all of this fannish activity happening and I am unsure about how to engage because the format for meaningful engagement, for me, is intrinsically unfriendly. The format itself is difficult.

When I think of community and fandom, I think of the narrowness of a particular kind of contact. On LJ, people go in search of what they are looking for, but Tumblr leaves the barn doors open for people to wander in and out. Again, I'm challenged by the format so that my idea of what a fan community is struggles with the broader context that Tumblr invites for engagement and participation.

I don't know.
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Today is a day where I feel like I am the worse writer in the history of writing. I just plain, flat out suck. Not being able to get around that sucks. It's partially inspired by the brief moment of empathy I experienced while watching The Words, the other part is a result of my complete failure to write something worthwhile for an anthology that I'm supposed to contributing to.

Whatever. Right now, I suck.

In other news, Billy the Vampire Slayer. I get the reasoning as explained by David Greenwalt and Marti Noxon, but I'm not going to lie and say that I'm too keen on it. I understand the narrative intention, it's like Robin Wood taking it upon himself to beat vampire bad guys. My distaste for this particular plot is, I think, located around the assumption of the title Vampire Slayer. The gay part, I don't care. A guy fighting vampires, I don't care. A guy fighting vampires and appropriating the vampire slayer moniker I find problematic. I'm still trying to work out exactly why. It is possible it has to do with the overabundance of hero narratives that revolve around men, and how the Vampire Slayer was (for better or worse) strictly female but is now being usurped by another male hero.

It's not like I read the comics, anyway, so I really don't suppose I should care.


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