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So I am all curly girl these days and yea, it is good. One of my favorite products is Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I typically buy it at Target for $11.99, and it is a 12oz container of the creamiest, yummiest, moisturizing-est hair goo ever! I love it so much, precious!

You're all familiar with the like function on FB, and a few days ago I added it to my list of things that I like, largely because I was hoping to get the scoop early on discounts and sales. Well, Shea Moisture does me the favor of informing me that to celebrate the launch of Shea Moisture at CVS, all Shea Moisture products are on BOGO this week. LO! I am sold and excited and hie myself off to the nearest CVS where there is only ONE jar of my beloved hair crack on the shelves. The chick who works at the store is super awesome and helpful and offers to call the CVS up the street to see if they have any. Alas, they are also totally sold out. It is TUESDAY, people, weren't you guys out on vacation and stuff?! When did you have time to jack me for my hair crack?!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the uber helpful counter girl makes me a deal. A deal that I really couldn't refuse; although I did pause and reflect to make sure that I was truly benefiting from this discount and not just getting swooped up for the ride. Cause you know how it goes: somebody says sale, the room spins and everything gets all shiny. Next thing you know, you're going home with stilettos, ballet flats, and a pair of wedges when all you needed was socks. Or does that only happen to me?

What she so kindly offered me, and which I very graciously accepted, was 50% off the product I bought today, PLUS a rain check on the BOGO for whenever I care to use it. Now, at $13.99 per jar, the product is slightly more expensive at CVS than at Target, but in Target dollars it's still a win. Normally three jars of product would cost me $35.97. I now get three jars of product for $20.99 with a savings of $14.98!!

AND I don't have to spend it all at one time!

Yeah, I know, cheap date. Easily amused. But hey, it's the simple things.

AND, I get to be pretty and my hair will smell good!


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