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This isn't finished and never will be. I'll be honest about that. There were supposed to be parallels between Dorothy and Willow, and Dorothy and Buffy. I had big plans about themes of loss and addiction, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. But, yeah. Not so much. Moving on. Done and done. So, to close off 2014, here you go:

Title: The Dandelion Seed
Author: seraphcelene
A/N: Amnesty! Unfinished crossover fic: Buffy/The Wizard of Oz/Wicked.

"Was she to be taken seriously,
or was she merely a blow-away dandelion seed,
caught on the wrong side of the wind?"
- Gregory Maguire, Wicked

"Treacherous red of poppies and poison berries.
Crimson, carmine, cerise, cayenne,
safflower, scarlet, vermillion.
All the dangerous, warning, compelling, ripening,
happy, fortunate, words for red."
- Eileen Berry, The Red Poem


Here is where you are. There is love and there is hate, but there are no bluebirds. There is nothing in the stars. It was all a lie.

Miles away from where you began, this is home.

i. Poison Poppies

Dorothy's too fragile, or so the Wizard tells her. One of the palace doctors slides a needle into the brachial artery in the crook of her elbow. It's thick and hearty despite the injections.

She isn't from Oz and the poppy, poison distilled and diluted, is the only way they can get her across the void.

When she isn't jumping wormholes, Dorothy lays the poppy out in lines.


Scarecrow tells stories about concrete things: sun, wind, rain, and growing things. Sometimes he gets poetic, philosophizing about the state of potatoes, describing the dry murmuring of corn husks in the field or the mocking cackle of crows. Trapped in an opium haze, drugged so that she can retain her sanity crossing dimensions, in Dorothy's mind the stories always turn into nightmares filled with looming, laughing shadow crows that peck at her eyes.

Dorothy rolls into Brr, huddles naked against his side. His fur is sleek-soft and only half as warm as usual. A curling warmth against her side, Brr gags and heaves. The choking sound makes Dorothy's stomach twist hard and what's left in her belly begins to back up into her throat. Just as she's going to swallow and choke and maybe die, hands wedge beneath her back and wrap around her thighs turning her as the gorge rises. Convulsing, her body trapped in the rhythm of involuntarily contracting muscles, Dorothy tries to purge the magic-laced opium from her body.

Cramped and exhausted, Dorothy whispers through dry, cracked lips, "No more crows."

Scarecrow repeats softly,"No more crows."

Dorothy cries when Scarecrow begins to tell her a story about sunsets, so he tells her about sunrise instead.
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Title: kiss me, and you will see how important I am
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Notes: Daryl/Beth, spoiled through 4.12: Still (the trailer, anyway) and until i get joss'd tomorrow. Written for [profile] sing_song_sung for the MAKE A WISH! multi-fandom wish fulfillment ficathon
Prompt: Sorry about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine.

kiss me, and you will see how important I am

Don't you dare look out your window, darling,
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on

-- Safe and Sound (The Civil War feat. Taylor Swift)

The first time Daryl almost kissed Beth was in the prison. He stood in the doorway of her cell and said the boys name. That was it. Looked away when she asked if Zach was dead. The truth was there in the way he wouldn't really say anything, wouldn't even look at her. He didn't want the weight of her sorrow riding his bones.

Daryl's had enough of other people's sorrow. Had enough of his own to carry.
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*sigh* I loved the prompt, but this one got away from me.

Title:sugar glass
Author: seraphcelene
Fandom: Hunger Games
Prompt: you are terrifying / and strange and beautiful / something not everyone knows how to love
Notes: Written for [profile] jada_jasmine for the Make A Wish: multi-fandom fulfillment wish ficathon. Set during Mockingjay

sugar glass

She repeats the things she knows are true, a litany of facts to anchor her: My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen. My sister's name is Prim. I took her place in the Hunger Games. She recites these things over and over in her mind. When the noise in her head is too loud, full of Jabberjay screams and the buzz of Tracker Jackers, she repeats them out loud.

Finnick recalls a similar list that Annie used to recite. All the things that she remembered to be true.

My name is Annie Cresta. And later, I love Finnick Odair.

The doctors wanted Annie to remember that she had survived the Hunger Games, that she had won. Annie remembered the Games. She remembered that she won. Annie also remembered that Oran had lost his head in the process.

It took less than a month for Annie to stop reciting her list. Her voice dwindled out into nothing, her eyes gone blank and staring. Locked in her personal nightmare, she would end up nowhere Finnick wanted to be, nowhere that he could even get to.
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I feel all rusty and out of shape, but you know, I had to come.

to memory now recalled | the walking dead | through 4.8: too far gone | carl
for [profile] xx_pinkstar as part of the MAKE A WISH! multi-fandom wish fulfillment ficathon
prompt: anyone or everyone, those who are dead are not dead, they're just living in my head and since I fell for that spell, I am living there as well.

"Come on, sweetie. Come say hello to your little sister." Lori's hand outstretched, motioning him forward. "It's okay," she says and he believes it because what else can he do.

Rick stands beside her, smiling like he's never seen anything sweeter in his life than his wife and his new baby girl. Then Carl stepping forward, eyes on Lori and the baby. Baby girl, his little sister. She's small. A little peanut. Light as air. Little Ass Kicker, and he doesn't know why he knows that.
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So this fic was difficult and very odd to write. I watched Boys Over Flowers in Korean with English sub-titles. Trying to write this fic was severely complicated by this fact. The problem, outside of my unfamiliarity with Korea, resides in the way that I write. I hear rhythms and patterns and then I write them down. As I watched BOF I heard one pattern spoken by the actors in Korean, but then I read a second pattern in the sub-titles. I'm a speed reader and I've been watching sub-titled foreign films for a long time, so reading sub-titles in my head is almost like hearing the actors speak in English. Everything works simultaneously so that unless the translation is bad or the timing is off, I don't really notice that I'm watching subbed material.

All that said, I ended up trying to write in conflicting patterns. I'm not sure that it works. This is a little melodramatic and a little awkward, but I'm mostly satisfied with it. I'm working on one more Boys Over Flower fic and then, I dare say, I will be retiring the pen in this area. I'm way too embarrassed and still concerned that I didn't do justice to the source or the culture from whence it derives.

I will let you be the judge.

Title: as soon as forever is through
Author: seraphcelene
Email: seraphcelene at yahoo dot com
Rating: G
A/N: Boys Over Flowers (Korean adaptation). AU from episode 22.
A/N 2: I owe many thanks to [personal profile] oyceter and [personal profile] yhlee for their beta help with content, language usage (English and Korean) and cultural cues. You ladies were a tremendous help and I appreciate that you looked this over despite your unfamiliarity with the source material. All mistakes are strictly my own.
Disclaimer: Boys Over Flowers and Hana Yori Dango do not belong to me. This is all for fun and not profit.
Summary: What if Jun Pyo and Jae Kyung were married after all?

Being miserable for a few more hours, watching over Jun Pyo on his wedding day, these are things Jan Di can endure. )


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