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I am very positive that I won't make it through all of the episodes before Sunday. For a moment I thought that I could, but I'm short twenty some odd and that's just not going to happen.

Anywho ... Innocence.

This turned into one of those quit while you're ahead kinds of things. I scrapped two versions before I made it to this one. I am fairly happy with it except for Angelus over there at the side. I love that image, but everything is a head shot. So, I used it anyway even though trying to blend it down was a pain in my ass. It's really my only sore spot on this. Otherwise, I think we cover the important point. Buffy and Angel and the change between them. Teh SEX and Angel in the alley acts as the bridge between them and I tucked that image of their first real face-off in the bottom corner. It's meant to mirror them at the top of the frame.

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There wasn't much that I wanted to say with this piece. I wanted to capture the episode's big example of Buffy behaving badly. The image in the bottom left corner hints at the reason for that behavior, but I didn't want to show the resolution, so no Buffy-with-sledgehammer. I did want to include The Master, but it never worked itself out. Adding him cluttered the piece more than I liked, so I went without. All-in-all, very basic, simple.


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