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Title: Divergence
Author: [personal profile] seraphcelene
A/N: set during Chosen, mild-spoilers for S8. 100 words for the Burn(s) prompt.

"You ready to kill me," she asks. "Brace yourself."

Her fingers on the scythe, a knot of hunger swells from the crater of Willow's id. The world bleeds red, then black. Willow sees the forks in the road through blind obsidian eyes. The possibilities wind out and curl back: Buffy, the scythe, a girl, and her vampire twin.

"Come on, Red," Kennedy whispers.

This is about power. It is also about choice.

Willow breathes and pushes past the fist of hunger in her throat. The world burns white. The future is swallowed in a sodium flare, Willow forgets and falls.
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Title: Inside
A/N: 100 words post-Restless for the Sarah Polley challenge at [info]open_on_sunday.
Disclaimer: BtVS and all related characters belong to Whedon, Fox, Mutant Enemy, et al. I'm just taking them out for a little exercise.
Summary: Adam after death. Magic and monsters, what if there was a soul besides.

What was your name? They ask, not for the first time.

Not a man among us can remember.

And that includes the you who you once were and who you've now become.

I am singular perfection. I walk in both worlds and belong to neither, Adam answers in your voice, liquid baritone frankensteined with demon and machine.

He is what remained, downloadable memory; your heavy uranium heart.

Your hands were not your own, nor your eyes or what you did. A shadowed soul clinging to the corners, nothing more (but never any less) than Adam's nameless longing, acknowledged and discarded.


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