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Poor little guy. It is both sprinkling and raining, which can be confusing. However, Twin 1 is a little too aggressive with the poking. Twin 2 is obvs the peacemaker in that twosome. But, poor Ty, didn't stand a chance after she poked his heart. Major feels for the little guy.

I am, however, completely baffled by the you're pretty and you're not real comment.

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I was asked what felt like a combo question: 1 - why did Emma Watson need to make this speech, and 2 - what was the purpose of her making the speech? In answer: it's not about redefining the word feminism or reclaiming the word from negative stereotypes. In fact, she admits to having no real solution to the growing disdain (and it's kind of news to me) for the word feminist. Instead, Watson's speech is about incorporating the idea of gender equality (perhaps simplistically focused on integrating social/emotional equality for men) into a discussion that has been primarily about the social, political, and economic equality of women. I still disagree that the speech is a recalibration of the meaning or image of what feminism is. Rather, she seeks to offer an alternate, explicitly inclusive entry point for men into the discussion of women's rights by encouraging them to consider and eradicate biases that exist for BOTH genders. The idea is that improve one situation and the other will, by natural extension, also improve. Shifting the focus from feminism, which is just about women, to gender equality, which is about BOTH genders, is an act meant to reduce the us versus them stereotype that some people have about feminism. The 'it's not my problem' syndrome. It also sidesteps what she initially presents as the PR image that feminists are facing. Which, again, surprises me to some degree. But then again, at more then 10 years younger than me, she was also surprised so I'm wondering what that demographic of naysayers looks like.

Emma Watson HeForShe Speech at the United Nations | UN Women 2014
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"All children are heartless. They have not grown a heart yet, which is why they can climb tall trees and say shocking things and leap so very high that grown-up hearts flutter in terror. Hearts weigh quite a lot. That is why it takes so long to grow one."

Valente's charming and beautiful fairy tale tells the story of a little girl named September who takes off for an adventure in Fairyland only to discover that adventures are scarier than she imagined, lonely, exhausting, difficult, and not all they're cracked up to be. Whisked away from the boredom of washing dishes by the Green Wind, September is dropped into the middle of a fairy story and discovers that there are choices to be made, friends to meet, people to save, hearts to break, and many ways to her way. It's a great adventure evocative of all the best fairy stories written in the past 100 years (Narnia, Oz, Wonderland, Lemony Snicket). There are witches (and Marquesses, who are worse than witches), dragons, golems, talking leopards, and fairies (of course).

Beautifully written, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland would be perfect to share with a child; although I would not recommend that a child read it alone. This is a tale, like the best stories, designed for reading aloud. I loved that September, our plucky, semi-heartless, know-it-all-heroine, faced a lot of tough, deadly, scary and dangerous challenges. I loved that the rules of faerie, rules that September thinks she knows all too well, are turned on their ear and upside down. From changelings to the Ravished, the rules of river crossings and the ways of wyverns and death, Valente recasts our ideas of fairy tale elements. I loved September's compatriots and that September is the hero of her own story. Valente has a beautiful way with language and I found myself studying the language as much as anything else. A fun, whimsical, enchanting read.
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Hunger Games posters: The Hunger Games - Mockingjay, Part 1

Because I am so lame that I've forgotten, like, all the HTML that I've ever know, just check out the link. It's a line-up of all the different Hunger Games posters and, yes, Katniss was always a rebel!

OK … I totes LOVE this. Katniss is a rebel, was from the beginning. Facing into the light instead of away from it. Standing, implying authority and dominance (agency), rather than sitting. Standing with her back to the camera and her weapons holstered rather than facing it with weapons drawn. And that says everything about Katniss that you ever needed to know. She is running, she is rejecting. She has no wings. She is of Earth, of the people, of peace, but she is willing to do what she has to, but only IF she has to. Notice, she is still carrying the weapons.
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I'm stuck on my EPIK application, waiting for letters of recommendation. I really should be writing in the meantime. I finally cracked my laptop open and I have all of these unfinished pieces that I don't even remember starting:

An inter-steller Sleeping Beauty story that I just barely recall. There's a circus and a witch, and sleeping beauty has become a sideshow attraction.
She had dreamt the world into near ruin, once upon a time. That is why the man has come.

Impossibly, the start or what I remember was going to be a romance novel:
Counting stars and mistakes from last year and the year before that, and five years past makes Kat want to cry. Her eyes burn, but she hates crying. She's not a pretty crier. She is queen of the ugly face cry, so she steals herself, buries her nose into the fuzzy warmth of a heavy blanket and breathes deeply. In and out and in again. Controlled, deep, and she shakes her head to clear her eyes and the melancholy fog in her brain. Leaning her head back against the chair she goes back to counting stars, the streak of the Quarantid meteor shower, determined to enjoy it because she called out Friday just for the opportunity. And now she's sitting here, the reluctant and sleeping Lilla at her side, staring at the sky.

A million and one bits and pieces, starts and finishes to the Briar story ...
Briar dreams of Mary Angel with cellophane wings, her skeletal beetle arms and bent, too long fingers reaching and gathering. Curled beneath her wings, crouched low and hunched over, she spins silk from the regurgitated blood and viscera scooped from the body stretched at her feet.

Something about werewolves. Clay's story; it started with a birth.
He would swear, later, after the shock wore off, that she growled. A low animal sound deep in her throat right before she lunged up off the ground, her mouth wide, and snapped at his face. Her teeth clacked together hard as he jerked back. All he recalls is an impression of teeth, elongated canine, and something shifting beneath her skin, something wrong in the bones of her face.

The boy jumped back hard, slamming into the shelves behind him, a rain of bows and ribbons falling around him in a flurry of color. The woman was heavy and slow with her pregnancy and just like that she was back on floor.

*sigh* What to do?! OMG ... what to do ...
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Seriously!!! Swans feeding koi, how much more awesome can it get?!

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Is this thing on?! Anybody still out there?!

I am ALIVE! Yes, sad sometimes, but here.

Things are going well in this new life model of mine, at least I think it is. Car is dying, the extra boarder is on the crazy side, but there's a lock on my door and I'm easing back into the gym. That is all fine! I also drive an hour to work and an hour home. That is less than fine.

Now, among the really important things to know:

I'm applying to teach abroad come August. Yeah, I know, teaching English abroad is for the young kids! Well, you know what?! I am young-ish. Also, I am single and childless. My career options are terrible and I LOVE being in the classroom, so why the hell not?! I am also not going to drop another couple of thousands to get a teaching credential. And I LOVE to travel and live in the World. Now, it may turn out that I hate it, but I've got to give it a go. I'm signing up for TEFL classes next month. The actual class-class start in July. I scared and excited, too.


Eva Green has never been an actress that I thought much about. However, she is possibly the best reason to be watching Penny Dreadful. She's absolutely delicious!!

Oh, and have you read my book yet?! I need some reviews! I'm willing to send free copies. Let me know, will ya?! Help a sistah out!

Me and Jai

Apr. 1st, 2014 10:35 pm
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I need a home for my 14 year old cat who may be facing age related issues (like she's skittish, hisses at everything that moves, is probably losing her hearing, and sometimes seems to lose track of where she is). I have to move and I can't take her with me.

We've been together since she was 6 months. I don't even know what to do right now. I can't imagine even giving her away.
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Totally put off signing up for the Affordable Care Act because I knew that I wouldn't be able to afford the affordable plans. Entered the information in today and, of course, can't actually afford it even with "Premium Assistance." I'm all for universal health care. I believe in it wholeheartedly, but if you're going to force people to carry health insurance, then you have to pay for it. It can't be something that individuals are forced to pay for because for various reasons they may not be able to do so. It's been my major caveat with the ACA. With the plans in place as is (with deductions dully noted), I would be left with $84.00 for food and expenses for the month.

I mean, I didn't sign up for my company health insurance because, even though it falls within "affordable" limits, it would have meant an extra $54 out of each check. Stressing out right now. Totally stressing out. I guess I'll be taking the penalty this year.
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Felicia Day blogs about the problem with Rooney Mara's casting as Tiger Lily for the one of three Peter Pan "re-boots": Tiger Lily Doesn't Equal Human Torch that probably really doesn't need to happen.

Day hits the nail on the head with her brief but pointed discussion of the inequity in Hollywood casting. There are other arguments revolving around the idea of Tiger Lily, but casting a First Nations actress would be appropriate given the limited number of roles that POC (of any stripe) are cast in. Considering that the creators have claimed that they are "re-imagining" Tiger Lily to detach her from the dated and racist stereotype given traction in the 1953 Disney animated film (my knowledge of which is sadly very dim because I haven't seen that movie in over 20 years), it would have been appropriate to cast a Native actress to participate in the reclaiming of the character. The problem, however, is so decidedly Hollywood. In another article, (Peter Pan remake sparks stereotype debate, the following quote is included:

"Native American actors don’t get as many roles as they should be getting,” said Jason Ryle, executive director of Toronto’s imagineNATIVE film festival. “This is done in the structure of Hollywood. They want bankable stories, bankable actors."

The systematic exclusion of certain demographics as evidenced by the quote above implies that Native American actors, indeed actors of any "color," are not bankable. It's a frustrating constant. As if white is the default that all cultures can identify with, and the human perspective must always be filtered through a white perspective. It's stupid and wrong.

As Felicia Day says in her blog post: "We have to make an effort to change the pattern of only seeing stories through white characters’ points of view, so that in the future, diverse protagonists are just a given. So that we can have heroes and villains and judges and love interests of all backgrounds, and not have to point it out as “look how special this is!” Evolving stories and lore is a GOOD THING FOR OUR WORLD."

Well said, Ms. Day. Well said.
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So, I wanna write. Totes feel like writing, but the job hunt and the move have me in this weird place of inactivity. TOO MUCH STUFF in my head. I did get some little fanfics pooped out, but they're kinda meh.

The project list keeps expanding, though nothing gets accomplished:

- Dawn/Buffy Xmas fic (that I started years ago)
- Daryl/Beth (TWD) 5 Things That Aren't True
- Original fiction. The Briar novel (Yay)
- Another novel premise
- And I started notes on a third potential novel.

What am I thinking?! Who do I think I am?! Cause you know that feeling when you right something, but you don't really like it? Yeah. Right there. All This and Love all over the place.

Anyway... yeah.

I need to pack. And look for a job.

This grown-up shit is exhausting.

In other news ... The Walking Dead has officially ripped out my frelling heart. Two more episodes this season and I don't know if I will be able to survive it. The Grove does not bode well for our heroes.
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So, Anne Rice is publishing a new installment to The Vampire Chronicles. Not the offshoots, but a Lestat novel titled "Prince Lestat."

I don't know how I feel about that. I went through my Lestat phase between 14 and maybe 18. I was good with how everything ended. I know Lestat popped up in the Blackwood Farm books, but I was never all that interested in reading those. I got through Taltos and was fine with that, as well. Her writing went down hill for me. From purple to downright self-indulgent and pretentious. By the time I bought Violin I was having trouble engaging the narrative. Couldn't find a way into the story. (And that's all saying a lot coming from me, the girl who can't say no to a clause.)

Do I read the new book for old times sake or do I leave it to lay because, yeah, been there/done that, no need to go back for the t-shirt ...

Anne Rice brings back her vampire antihero with 'Prince Lestat'
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Caffeine detox is a son-of-a-bitch.
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Because everyone needs poetry, and my dear friend, Nicole Callihan, has a tendency to commit gorgeous poetry. In the Mews is sweet and unexpected, and so very Nicole. Go read it!

Two feuding gardens are thought to be responsible for the most recent blooming. According to the rain, in late summer, a band of tiger lilies recruited a pack of peonies, and those peonies, comely as they seem, have been holding stamens against the backs of wandering clouds.

And check out SuperLoop, Nicole's debut poetry collection. It's available all over, including Amazon.
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I really love this series. Really. It's inventive, unique, filled with awesome characters and environs. Year of the Tiger wraps up the story begun in Year of the Wolf. The Alvarez sisters are fighting their way through major drama and angst as they seek to save each other and the Spirit World.

I love that the main characters are POC (people of color) and that the landscape is doubly othered. There's Seoul (South Korea) and Spirit!Seoul. We get closer to the characters (Khyber and Raina being the most interesting), and we get to watch the characters get closer to each other. One of the things that I loved most was Citlalli's continuing evolution. There wasn't a lot in this book. This is definitely an action centered story, but the idea of the fracturing souls and how Citlalli deals with the ways she is changing is thematically intrinsic. This is a novel about duality and it pops up all over the place: good versus evil, were versus vampire, real world versus spirit world, and then the gray areas between all of those things. (That might be the most interesting thing about those kinds of opposing extremes, and Heffner is obviously interested in exploring the middle grounds.) Unfortunately, there are some technical/structural issues that distract and detract from what is a super promising concept.
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Feeling sorry for myself ... it'll pass, it always does. But at the moment I am wallowing.

Apparently, I am over educated and have no job skills.

Life fail, right here.
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Title: kiss me, and you will see how important I am
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Notes: Daryl/Beth, spoiled through 4.12: Still (the trailer, anyway) and until i get joss'd tomorrow. Written for [profile] sing_song_sung for the MAKE A WISH! multi-fandom wish fulfillment ficathon
Prompt: Sorry about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine.

kiss me, and you will see how important I am

Don't you dare look out your window, darling,
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on

-- Safe and Sound (The Civil War feat. Taylor Swift)

The first time Daryl almost kissed Beth was in the prison. He stood in the doorway of her cell and said the boys name. That was it. Looked away when she asked if Zach was dead. The truth was there in the way he wouldn't really say anything, wouldn't even look at her. He didn't want the weight of her sorrow riding his bones.

Daryl's had enough of other people's sorrow. Had enough of his own to carry.
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*sigh* I loved the prompt, but this one got away from me.

Title:sugar glass
Author: seraphcelene
Fandom: Hunger Games
Prompt: you are terrifying / and strange and beautiful / something not everyone knows how to love
Notes: Written for [profile] jada_jasmine for the Make A Wish: multi-fandom fulfillment wish ficathon. Set during Mockingjay

sugar glass

She repeats the things she knows are true, a litany of facts to anchor her: My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen. My sister's name is Prim. I took her place in the Hunger Games. She recites these things over and over in her mind. When the noise in her head is too loud, full of Jabberjay screams and the buzz of Tracker Jackers, she repeats them out loud.

Finnick recalls a similar list that Annie used to recite. All the things that she remembered to be true.

My name is Annie Cresta. And later, I love Finnick Odair.

The doctors wanted Annie to remember that she had survived the Hunger Games, that she had won. Annie remembered the Games. She remembered that she won. Annie also remembered that Oran had lost his head in the process.

It took less than a month for Annie to stop reciting her list. Her voice dwindled out into nothing, her eyes gone blank and staring. Locked in her personal nightmare, she would end up nowhere Finnick wanted to be, nowhere that he could even get to.
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I forgot, amongst everything else, how devastating Claudia Black played Aeryn Sun in The Choice. In the quiet corners of the episode, watching Aeryn grieve is pretty painful to watch.


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