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I'm sure these have probably mostly made the rounds, but because I am SO without cable and because I work like a slave and sleep in the creases, I've just peeped them out. Now, there's buzz for decades about the soon-to-be rebooted Heroes and Powerpuff Girls franchisees. Don't let that get you down, I suppose we need to learn to embrace because re-boots seem to be the word of the hour on quite a bit of media being released in the last half of this year. I tried to skirt a lot of it, but some things a girl just can't not take note of. I don't see any reason to dwell on the things that I'm not interested in, so here's a peek at a few of the things that look good for the fall!

Lucifer | FOX
Ok, so I'm willing to bite. It might turn out to be cracktastic awesomeness along the lines of Sleepy Hollow. I like the presentation of the premise on this one. Lucifer Morningstar quits his day job and retires to L.A. What I like more than the Angel with swag (kinda like a Spike), let's "help the helpless" vibe is the implication that Lucifier has a job to do like any other angel on the payroll. His just happens to be as the "Prince of Darkness." Only, unlike most slobs slaving away in a corporation, he doesn't get to call off sick or request a transfer to another department when he's tired of the gig. Lucifer doesn't get to repent and it makes a certain kind of sense that that concept might be one of great interest to the guy whose in charge of all of those damned and tormented souls.

The Frankenstein Code | FOX
I'm actually not that enthralled. The Monster has been re-written into a kind of out-of-control vigilante science experiment intended to help figure out the cure to cancer in order to save our beautiful young scientist, (wait for it ), Mary Godwin. For those of you not in the know, Mary Godwin was Mary Shelly's mother and a brilliant philopher/academic in her day. She was also probably manic-depressive and she was in crazy-obssessive love with Shelley's father William Wollstonecraft. *sigh* I'm not holding out much hope because part of the Frankenstein mythos is the outer monstrosity of the monster colliding with the inner man as he moves increasingly towards humanity and self-awareness. I get it that we've moved that discussion down to the cellular level, so there's this play on the way that he is monstrous through his DNA being revved up ... but meh ... I'm not totally convinced.

Minority Report | ABC
Remember that whole intro about re-boots. Well, here comes one. Once I got past the premise and threw out everything that I knew about the American justice system, I was able to enjoy Minority Report, the film. I don't think that's going to work for the TV show. Part of my basic resistance is that this movie closed with Agatha and the twins secluding themselves way out in the middle of nowhere. With the way that the they were treated by the Pre-Crime Division, I can't see Dash or Arthur willingly moving back into the city and into the possible purview of Pre-Crime or any other law enforcement agency. With the geographic limitations of the precogs established in the film, it doesn't make sense that they would be sensing much of anyone else way out there. So, I'm feeling stretched already by the plot premise. I'm willing to check the pilot and support Megan Good's career, but I really don't see this going anywhere for me.

The Catch | ABC
Hello night-time soap! Congreve once wrote, " Heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." ABC likes those powerful, decisive women and here comes another one from the Olivia Pope, Annalisse Keating school of how to be smart, sexy, and rock a power suit. In introducing Alice Martin, ABC is sticking to what works. A forensic accountant, Alice is smart and good at what she does, only she gets conned by the man she's supposed to marry who, as it turns out, was after everything she's got. Of course, now, we get to see her go after him with a vengeance for a little revenge. With all the red, the hair and the lipstick and the dress in the trailer, combined with her name, I'm getting vibes of Alice in Wonderland and I wonder what this particular rabbit hole will toss up. I'm in, not gonna lie, Shonda hasn't steered me wrong yet.

Quantico | ABC
Okay, so, I was pretty much hooked by the different flavor of ethnic female playing the lead on this one. I LOVE a kick ass heroine, and there appears to be quite a few of them gracing the line-up for the upcoming season. The insanely hot Priyanka Chopra, a Bollywood illuminary and Miss World 2000, plays Alex Parish, a smart, fierce new FBI recruit. She gets pinned for the inside job when a massive terrorist attack hits US shores and in a plot promises to re-hash The Fugitive and Colin Ferrell's The Recruit, Parrish is tasked with proving her own innocence and bringing the real culprits to justice. Doesn't look like too much new here, but, again, ethnic female leads. I can tote get behind that.

Of Kings and Prophets | ABC
Okay, actually, I'm not feeling this. I just wanted to point out the continuing trend of ethnic women on my TV, but here's the niggling little rub ... Of Kings and Prophets is full of women of color cast in various places within the power dynamic, but the men in power? All white men. I probably never would have noticed if there weren't so many gorgeous women of color set-off against all those British men. Alas, it's a jarring contrast.

Containment | CW
Dude, this better be as good as it looks. Infection narratives are among my favorites, and in light of our shrinking world and the recent global outbreaks of SARS, H1N1, the California Measles outbreak, and global concerns over the spread of Ebola and MERS,this show is obviously a sign o' the times. It's got the Resident Evil/Outbreak vibe and there are kids in Mortal Danger, so I'm sure it's going to be pulling all kinds of heartstrings.

Blindspot | NBC
Memento! FBI style. And the trend of kick ass female characters continues. Looks interesting. She's tatted up and a total bad ass. With no memory. There's something weird about the narrative there. A blank slate of a woman who's been either victimized and is being used to tell a particular story or who has literally taken ownership of her body and inscribed her memory into her flesh in order to remember where she is going. There's something oddly fucked up about the whole thing and I love the trailer!

Code Black | CBS
Alright, I need another hospital drama in the line-up like I need a hole in the head, but Code Black stars Marcia Gay Harden. That's more than enough to get me through the door. Also?! The set looks like a real-life, cramped, impersonal, nightmare of an ER trauma unit. Unlike ER and Grey's Anatomy where there's always plenty of space and opportunity except during sweeps week when the world implodes and Armageddon comes knocking. Love you, Marcia!
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