May. 25th, 2015

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I really want this novel thing to work out. I love writing and I have ideas for original pieces that I want to complete, but this is HARD! Okay, I know, it's supposed to be and, to be honest, the short pieces that I am most proud of are the ones that were a little more challenging to execute. STILL!

I've gotten further than I've ever gotten before on structuring a full-length piece. That is a good thing. I went through the 15 beats thing and I LOVED that exercise. I tried doing the fractal, but it feels like a lot of double work when combined with the beats, so maybe next time.

Currently, I'm working on creating the scene cards. I've estimated that I'll need at least 40 (probably closer to 50) scenes. It makes sense, but (again) the work! Ha!! I want to start writing already, but I understand that in the long run, creating the skeleton now will save me some time and angst later. Still ... itching to write. Not to mention there's a second novel idea creeping in at the edges of my brain. I'm trying to notate things and put it away until I get the Briar book completed. At least a first draft!

So, you're writing, where are you in the process? What are the biggest challenges thus far?


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