Oct. 1st, 2014

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With Season 5 of The Walking Dead due to premiere in two weeks, I thought a re-watch of the most awesome season ever would be apropos! There's lots to see and point at on re-watch. Loads of tells and foreshadowing for how the season plays out, but I'm gonna pretend like this is the first time all over again. I will, at least, try.

30 Days Without an Accident is a study in parallels. Everything in the episode gets laid out in pairs to demonstrate different ways of being, of coping, of living, of dying. Funny that only a season ago, Andrea was dying and we watched the Governor's civilized facade erode. It's been a long haul for the group. They've taken in the surviving Woodbury people, Rick has become a farmer, Carl has grown up a little more, and Daryl is a bit of a hero. Rick with his headphones on is a great example of how they've dug in and, at least to some small degree, began to learn how to ignore the word beyond the gates. They feel safe. As Maggie later frames it, at the possibility of having a life. But, we know how these things go and I don't like the idea of speaking all that positivity into the air. Just call me superstitious.

People kill people. They still have names. )


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